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Matches - Perfume for the 2.20.23 New Moon

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Matches is a perfume that recreates the split-second of striking a match, the sharp friction that creates fire, the trail of smoke that fills the space when the flame burns out. The blackened wood stick quickly loses scent but this dark and deeply layered smoke accord will stretch this aromatic moment for many hours.

key notes and accords:
Smoke  •  Fire  •  Dry Woods  •  Opopanax  •  Burnt Olibanum

The amulet features faceted black onyx beads wrapped seamlessly into the long 18k gold-plated chain. The glass heart vessel has a twist lid to access the perfume.
30'' chain, contains 4mL of perfume.

This perfume is a limited edition batch created for the ongoing Lunar Perfume Series

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