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Roller Bottle 10mL - Add on

$ 7.00

This empty bottle holds 10mL of FSW perfume and provides an easier application to the skin with a glass roller top. Made from an ultraviolet-protective glass, the plant oils are naturally preserved as the harmful parts of the light spectrum are blocked and the beneficial lower spectrum is allowed in.

This may be added to your order and you will need to transfer your perfume from the original bottle with the pipette included. (We don't ship perfume inside the roller bottles to ensure there is no leaking in transit.)

Choose your label. (note: Labels read 5mL but bottles hold up to 10mL)

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And operated, employed, contracted, and collaborated.

Concientious Packaging

We use compostable, recyclable, and minimal packaging as much as possible.


All perfume is made in-house in small batches.