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Obsidian Glass Vessel Perfume Amulet


This hand-cut natural obsidian glass holds a small amount of perfume so that you can anoint yourself during the day. Although fragile, we chose obsidian for this one because it is the volcanic glass traditionally used as scrying mirrors.
The faceted vessel is 40mm tall (about 1.5''). The lid twists off to a tiny opening that holds about 7 drops of perfume. Pipette included for filling.

Choose your chain: 18k gold-plated (long-30'') or 14k gold-filled chain (short-adjustable up to 21'')

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(Lightest to Heaviest)

London Fog - (black tea, bergamot, vanilla, cream, honey)

Astral Projection - (verveine, lavender, chamomile, rose, valerian)

Labyrinth - (white florals, greenery, rose, lichen, dark resins)

November ITDF - (woods, forest floor, rain, tea, decomposing leaves)

Antique Settee - (bergamot, tea, wood, rose, immortelle)

Persephone - (pomegranate, osmanthus, jasmine, mimosa, tuberose)

Siren - (saltwater, jasmine, driftwood, seaweed, sand)

Vixen - (musk, black peppercorn, woods, amber, sunlight)

Decadence & Debauchery - (tobacco, blood orange, myrrh, amber, rose)

Fireside Story - (sandalwood, vanilla, bonfire, dry branches, woodsmoke)

French Oakmoss - (lichen, lavender, grounding herbs, green, moss)

Gorgon - (burnt resins, tonka, limestone, amyris, embers)


Brass locket (with protective antique finish) made in USA. lead/nickel free.

• 27'' Brass Chain with protective antique finish.
• Locket is 1.5''x 1.25'' with with a 23mm perfume insert.
• Holds 2g of perfume (about 30 applications)
• Arrives in gift box with descriptive art card.

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