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Single Note Solid Perfumes - lockets

We are pleased to bring back a limited supply of our original Single Note Solid Perfumes. These brass compacts are made in the USA from antique molds with floral etched designs. There is a small loop at the top that can be used to attach a chain if you choose to wear as a locket.
*The Rose and Violet notes come in an antique-silver-plated style instead of bronzed brass.

We used to make these with single botanical essences captured in beeswax. This time full accords were created to feature each single note while enhancing their beauty and longevity with supporting essences.

Choose from:
Violet: soft, sweet, woody floral, green leaf undertones
Patchouli: sweet and spicy, earthy, uplifting, pheromonal
Tonka: creamy, dessert-like, dark balsams, dry vanilla
Immortelle: syrupy, heavy floral, fruity, tea and chamomile notes
Rose: fresh floral blooms, rich Damask rose with fruity nuance
Amber: rich resins, warm heart notes, incense-like, wood base
Vetiver: dark honey, earthy roots, warm, resinous tones

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All perfume is made in-house in small batches.