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Botanical Incense Workshop - Kansas City

$ 90.00

Date: Sunday, December 4th
Time: 12-2pm
Instructor: Jill McKeever

In this class we will use spices, tree resins, herbs, woods, and flowers in combination with essential oils, tinctures, and makko bark to create natural incense cones and loose incense blends.

You will learn about the origin of the materials as well as how to use a bakhoor burner for charcoal heating loose incense. Each student will take home their own batch of incense cones, an ounce of their custom loose blend, and samples of raw materials.

Additional materials including resins, bakhoor burners, and charcoal will also be available to purchase.

Incense is the foundation of natural perfume, as the word “perfume” comes from the Latin words per, meaning “through,” and fume, meaning “smoke.” For thousands of years, in cultures around the globe, aromatic woods, resins, and other plant materials have been burned ceremonially, often as offerings to the gods and ancestors. When these precious materials are burned, the aromatic smoke they create becomes a part of the spirit world, creating a bridge between the realms.
Any environment, and the energy of those within it, can be transformed by infusing the air with an aromatic plant. Intentionally filling a space with smoke, leaving behind invisible scent, is understood in virtually every culture to be a spiritually cleansing practice. But not all incense is equal, and when we work with incense, we are not simply smelling the scented air it creates; we are consuming the plant itself through our lungs and limbic system. Much like synthetic perfume, synthetic incense includes chemical binders, burning agents, and fragrances that can be toxic to ingest.

Making homemade incense allows us to connect more deeply with nature through hand-blending and processing the carefully chosen raw materials.

*There are a limited number of seats available. No cancellations after Nov. 30th.



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