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Year of the Rabbit- Perfume for the Lunar New Year

$ 16.00
This release is to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit. I love making traditional lunar new year perfumes that feature Mandarin, a Chinese symbol for wealth and prosperity. Citrus peels and leaves create a feeling of optimism while sweet basil, cardamom, and Sichuan pepper bring luck and energy to the bouquet. The gorgeous Mandarin blossom unfolds from the citrus peel layers into a soft, hypnotic escape. Over time the uplifting beginning to this year softens to a deep layer of sweet sandalwood.

Happy New Year.

key notes and accords:

Sichuan pepper • Mandarin blossom • sweet herbs • Sandalwood • cardamom • citrus peel

This perfume is a limited edition batch created for the ongoing Lunar Perfume Series

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