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Single Essence of Tonka

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Dipteryx odorata  • Absolute, diluted to 25% in Triethyl Citrate • France

Tonka bean has a creamy vanilla-like quality that softens and diffuses other notes while adding tenacity and depth. The coumarin content lends a dark clove note, imparting a warm tone.This can be worn alone as a subtle single essence or used in either oil or alcohol blends to transform a perfume into a smoother composition.

creamy, dark, dry, soft, warm


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For Strange Women’s Spirit of Botany Collection includes hand-selected botanical extracts and essential oils from our cabinet of materials.

These are sourced with a preference for sustainability of wild-harvest and organic cultivation as well as for their aromatic profiles. Each has been lab-tested for purity.

It is best to dilute before use on skin. If the oil is pre-diluted it is safe to use small amounts or dilute it further.

These can be used in home applications such as oil burners, candle anointing, baths, and home perfume recipes. They can be added/layered with perfume oils to enhance or adjust the scent.

For recipes and other use ideas, read The Spirit of Botany

Shelf life is indefinite (these are self-preserving) if properly stored away from heat, air, and sunlight.

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Book- The Spirit of Botany

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All perfume is made in-house in small batches.