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Collaborative Custom Perfume Service

$ 500.00

In this process we design a perfume that is tailored to your individual preferences, memories, and personality.

When ordering this online, you will receive an email of a detailed questionnaire to complete, beginning the collaboration to construct your signature scent.

(Local Customers) Next I will contact you for a 60-90 minute consultation in the perfume studio, where we can talk more about your ideas and you will have the opportunity to smell specific essences that we are considering as the main notes of your blend. I may test a couple of single essences to see how they mix with your skin. I may give you several varieties of a particular plant extract to compare. I will also explain the basics of my process for building a scent that is well-balanced, full-bodied, and appropriate for the purposes you have in mind for it.  * You may bring up to two guests with you to your appointment.

The "Deposit for Local Session" option is to reserve a session at the atelier in Kansas City. You will be contacted soon after for scheduling your perfume session and the $300 remainder will be due upon completion.

(Distance Customers) Next I will send you an email with follow up questions. Then I will create two perfume samples based on what I have learned about you as well as what I know would work best as a balanced and harmonious blend. Once you have spent some time with your samples, one should stand out as your favorite. You may love it as it is or decide you would like to change aspects of it. In case of the latter, we will discuss how you would like it adjusted to be closer to what you have in mind. This adjustment will be made before you are provided with your final perfume. 

Last, the recipe for your custom perfume will be finalized and you will receive your 15mL bottle. You will also receive a short description of the blend, identifying the main notes and accords in the final perfume.

• 15mL perfume in French glass flacon (first image) + fixative balm.
• 10mL perfume oil in a violet glass roller bottle and 5mL oil in a glass heart. (With tassel or chain) + fixative balm to enhance scent.
Gift Certificates will be printed and mailed to the shipping address entered at checkout. Please let us know in the order notes or an email what TO, FROM, and additional message you would like to include on the card. Be sure to specify the address to send to if you are wanting it mailed directly to recipient.
• The 15mL REFILL may be ordered if you have previously ordered a custom perfume. This will come in a plain amber bottle with a pipette to transfer to your original bottle. Please allow up to 2 weeks for your refill to be sent.
• The "Upgrade to 50mL EDP spray" can be purchased in addition to your Custom Perfume session or refill if you prefer this instead of the 15mL in flacon.

Additional Info:
• These take time for me to work on individually so availability is sometimes limited
• Each recipe is kept on file so that you can order a refill anytime. (Cost of refill is typically $100-$120 for 15mL)
• The only limitations are that I do not make replicas of other perfumes and the scent must be possible to create exclusively with natural materials. 
• The process from start to finish typically takes one session for local customers and 3-4 weeks for distance (online) customers.

* Not available for discount codes.
* All options are Non-Refundable once process has begun.

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Concientious Packaging

We use compostable, recyclable, and minimal packaging as much as possible.


All perfume is made in-house in small batches.