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The NEW MOON Limited Edition Perfumes - Subscription

$ 490.00

Since 2010, Jill has created a new perfume to celebrate each New Moon. This is an ongoing collection of perfumes, each with a unique concept and composition.  

The New Moon provides a strong energy that can be harnessed for inspiration, manifestation, and renewal. It is at this time that the moon is aligned on the same side of the Earth as the sun, and the gravitational force of the moon and sun together have a significant effect on the Earth.

The dark moon followed by the slight edge of the waxing crescent symbolizes a new beginning, and developing an awareness of this time allows you to synchronize with this energy. At the time of each new moon, focus on your intentions and new ideas. Apply each new perfume for the duration of the cycle as an aromatic reminder of your objectives.

Choose From:

The 5mL Perfume Oils in Amber bottle option reserves your bottles of limited edition perfume oils for a full year (12 lunar cycles). Collectors often prefer the oil format, as it can be stored several years longer. Every 29 days you will receive the new perfume in a 5mL glass amber bottle, gift boxed with original art card.
• $490 including postage.

The 2g Solid Perfumes option reserves a tin of limited edition solid perfumes for a full year (12 lunar cycles). These contain about enough applications to last throughout each moon cycle. Each arrives with original art card.
• $290 including postage.

The Amulet Continues is a good option if you have a FSW perfume locket for the 2g solid perfume refills. This reserves your 2g solid perfumes for a year (12 lunar cycles). Each arrives with original art card.
• $290 including postage.

*Only available for US customers due to postage costs and schedules.
* Not available for discount codes.


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