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Astral Projection Dream Mist - Eau de Toilette

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Astral Projection has been a perfume in our oil-based line for over a decade. The soft herbal blend is comprised of plant aromatics known for their abilities to calm, deepen sleep, and induce lucid dreams. We created this Eau de Toilette "Dream Mist" in organic sugarcane spirits so that a light veil can be worn or even spritzed on your linens at night.

It opens with a sweet overtone of Verveine and Bergamot in a sleepy bed of Chamomile, Rose, and Lavender. Valerian anchors the blend to a deep undercurrent that pulls you further into your dreams. The sedative effects of these botanicals are combined with the lucid clarity induced by Clary Sage, Cedar, and Star Anise.

main notes and accords:
verveine / lavender / chamomile / rose / valerian

50mL in violet glass bottle.

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