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The Botanical Oracle


This 53-card oracle deck is illustrated by Ash Miyagawa from For Strange Women. The artwork, originally created for our lunar perfume series, is inspired by flora, fauna, and mysticism. The cards arrive in a fully designed box with an included reference booklet.

The cards are designed to offer balanced insight into a variety of topics relating to decisions, relationships, and situations in need of clarity or direction. Their purpose is to guide you toward subtle shifts in perspective in order to reach a better understanding of recent past, present, and near future experiences.

Cards measure 4.75'' x 2.75'' (12 x 7 cm). Printed on high-quality thin cards with gilded edges. Box measures 5.75'' x 3.75'' x 1.75''.

Booklet includes concise card interpretations and suggested spreads but we encourage you also to find your own interpretations and reading style based on your intuitive guidance.

The artwork was created over the course of 53 New Moons, intricately hand-stippled and colored with dreamy de-saturated tones.

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