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Jill ~ Founder, Perfumer
In 2009 I began For Strange Women utilizing exclusively natural materials and exploring alternative scent concepts. My method of perfume design began intuitively as a synesthetic reference to techniques I learned as a music and recording artist, then developed through years of refining my style of formulation. As my nervous system is easily overwhelmed by synthetic compounds, botanical-derived aromatics remain my specialty. I'm inspired by the communication of plants through their essences, the beauty of the masterfully extracted plant materials, and the therapeutic application of these aromatics. There is a certain connection created when I am able to share the mood and aesthetically brilliant nuance of each perfume with others, similar to music. I adore creating this strange world with the assistance of these brilliant and like-minded women.
Cat: Onyx. Sun: Cancer.

tara milleville

Tara ~ Production, Customer Service, and Order Fulfillment
Tara has been with FSW since 2012. She is the hands of FSW; assembling every element of packaging, making the batches of perfume and lip balm from scratch, and providing the sweetest customer service. She is unmatched in her eye for detail and assembles every online order as if it were a gift. She's also an exquisite jewelry maker.
Cat: Nicholas. Sun: Capricorn.

ash miyagawa


Ash ~ Illustrator and Designer 
Ash joined FSW in 2016 after finishing her Illustration degree at the Kansas City Art Institute. Her dark and delicate aesthetic has a following of its own as it interprets the magic elements of nature. Now based in Chicago, she has become a designer for many brands (but we are still her favorite). She is the youngest of the crew but probably the wisest, and we always turn to her for answers.
Cats: Fig and Jasper. Sun: Capricorn.